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Friday, January 16, 2009

Online Biology Degree FAQs

What Are the Educational Requirements for a Career in Biology?

A career in biology is most likely going to require a bachelor's degree. Testing and inspection or research assistant positions will suffice with a bachelor's degree, but master's degrees are preferable for many research-related positions.

Some jobs require a doctorate, especially if it deals with independent research or running experiments for a company or government agency. Many students study biology and go on to nursing school or medical school, which has a completely new set of requirements. Universities With Free Online Biology

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Online Biology Classes?

Biology majors will learn how to perform experiments and hone their research skills, but biologists must be able to work in groups and by themselves on their own projects. They also must pay extreme attention to detail and be in good physical condition to conduct field research.

What Are Some Career Choices in Biology?

Biology degrees will lead to a career as a biologist, but this broad subject has many other possible job choices. Some choose to attend graduate school and specialize in a particular field of Biology biology, such as biochemistry, Entomology, Biological Chemical Engineering, microbiology, Health Care Management, zoology, Bioinformatics, biophysics, Agricultural Engineering.,biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science.wildlife biology, genetic engineering and more.

Others go on to nursing school or medical school. Teaching biology is another option, along with venturing into other fields such as nutrition, forensic science and business.

What Is the Job Outlook for Biology?

The demand for biologists will continue to grow about as fast as the average for other jobs. Competition for research jobs and higher paying biological scientist position will be more intense, but overall, a biology degree will lead to a job in research and development. As mentioned earlier, many biology degree holders choose to pursue other careers, such as becoming a doctor or teacher.

Why Would Someone Take Online Biology Classes?

While you may want to earn a degree or take biology classes, you may feel that you do not have the time or resources to invest in an education right now. Online classes in biology can help you earn a degree and keep your current schedule.

Some classes may be difficult to complete online, especially if they require lab work, but other basic classes for biology can be completed at home. Always double check that the classes you take at an online school are accredited so you have the option of transferring to another program later.

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