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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Universities With Free Online Biology Courses -1

Whether you study biology for fun or as part of your major, getting a free biology education online can bolster your knowledge and save you money. Here is a list of top universities that offer free biology courses online.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

MIT's OpenCourseWare site offers more than 70 free undergraduate and graduate level biology courses online. Courses are easily downloaded and include lecture notes, reading assignments, exams and much more.

The University of Arizona (

The University of Arizona's Biology Project is a world-renowned online resource for learning biology. The Biology Project offers free access to numerous tutorials and problem sets, as well as complete lesson plans and activities.

University of Utah (

The University of Utah's Department of Biology offers two free biology courses through the university's OpenCourseWare site. Courses are very easy to download and include lecture notes, assignments and other self-study materials.

University of Massachusetts, Boston (

The free biology courses offered online through the University of Massachusetts' OpenCourseWare site are designed for students who are majoring in biology and for non-majors who want to take advanced biology courses. The courses are easy to download and include readings, lectures and other learning materials.

Other Universities which offer free online biology courses

Universities With Free Online Biology Courses -2

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