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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MS in Bioinformatics Online Degree from Polytechnic University

Biology is the study of life big and small. If this type of career interests you, consider earning an online biology degree. An online biology degree allows you to understand the complexities of the formation of life and the impacts of the environment on life forms. This can include microbiology to ocean biology. A biology degree prepares you for a career in many areas, including laboratory research, medicine, genetics, pharmacology, and even botany. Biology can also include theoretical research, such as the study of life on other planets for NASA.

An online biology degree includes courses of study such as cellular biology, microbiology, anatomy, plant and animal life, and so forth. Courses will also include chemistry, anatomy, and mathematics. Many biology courses will also involve computer modeling of biological forms. From the associate to doctorate level, an online biology degree will include laboratory simulations, interactive presentations, video and audio presentations, lectures and downloadable books and articles. Choosing an online biology degree allows you to reach your educational and career goals while maintaining a flexible schedule to fit your busy lifestyle. This is especially helpful for persons already in the biology workforce, such as lab assistants and phlebotomists, although this type of work is not a prerequisite for an online biology degree.

Basic details about this degree program:

The MS in Bioinformatics is a cutting edge degree that allows students to learn the various data collection, analysis and information management systems discovered through the human-genome project and other biosciene or living organisms projects. Students in the MS in Bioinformatics will take advanced classes in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and computer science. Computer science courses will focus on informatics, databases management and administrations and evaluation and analysis of complex biochemical data.

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